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Tendering should and can be easy. Better Tenders Pty Ltd is an Australian based company that was established in 2010 to achieve this aim.

We want to help make Tendering easy

Tenders can be hard and complex to understand. We believe that it need not be this way. We want to help you to be able to communicate how great your product or service is to a client. We want you to view tendering as a key tool in your sales kit.

Easy to use guide to Tendering

The Better Tenders DVD, CD and book helps you to improve the management of your bid response. The easy to follow and enjoyable guide is perfect for anyone wanting to win more business and will take you through all stages of tendering.

Gain key industry insight

Better Tenders has been written and researched using interviews and experiences of procurement professionals and bid managers on both sides of the tender to give the most broad and useful insight into how to become better at responding to tender opportunities.

Set your business apart from the crowd

To win more business, you'll need to do something different. Better Tenders has been designed to provide you with the tips and tricks that will help you take your tendering to the next level. You'll quickly be able learn what the key winning approaches to tender submissions to make help you win that business.

The Package

Here is an overview of the Better Tenders Package.

Topics Explained

  • Preparing to Tender
  • Managing the tender process
  • Improving the quality of your response
  • Negotiations for mutual gain
  • Seeking feedback and improving for the future

Key benefits of Better Tenders

  • Exceptional return on investment (purchase price payback after just one tender)
  • Understand all facets of tendering
  • Learn the best of market leading approaches to tendering
  • Fantastic training resource for new tender writing staff
  • No ongoing licence fees and knowledge remains in house
  • Provides practical actions to improve your tender management
  • Caters to a variety of learning styles

Package inclusions

Available as a digital download or physical package:

  • The Better Tenders DVD (PAL, 16:9, english, run time approximately 1 hour)
  • The Better Tenders book (80pp)
  • An audio CD of the Better Tenders DVD (play duration approximately 1 hour)

Better Tenders Sample

See the first chapter of Better Tenders below


You can choose how you would like to purchase the Better Tenders package from the following options:

All purchase options come with a 180 day, 100% money back guarantee.

terms and conditions apply

Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to contact us if your question is not answered below.

I've never responded to a tender before, is Better Tenders suitable for me?

Better Tenders is suitable for the experienced and the beginner alike. The insights gained from working through the package will help to give you the edge when responding to tenders. The package allows you to learn at your own pace and to revisit sections of interest as required.

Why should I use Better Tenders when I usually use the services of XYZ tender consultants/writers to do it for me?

Whilst a consultant or tender writer may help you in the short run, long term there is a cost for this service and they will never know your business as well as you do. Better Tenders addresses each of these problems and helps you improve your tender management skills.

How do I order a copy of Better Tenders?

To order a copy of the Better Tenders package, please select your delivery option from our pricing section .

Will Better Tenders write my tender response for me?

Better Tenders is designed to guide you through the tendering process and to help you to improve your tender process skills. Unlike a consultant or proposal writing service, you will prepare the response to the tender using what you have learnt from Better Tenders. This means you gain the skill and intellectual property involved in submitting a tender. The Better Tender solution is far more cost effective in the long run for your organisation than paying someone else to complete the tender for you and losing the resulting know-how.

Will I still need to get my own specialist legal and accounting advice regarding tenders I respond to now that I have a copy of Better Tenders?

Yes, you will need to ensure you have sought your own specific legal/accounting advice regarding tenders you submit. Better Tenders is not a substitute for professional advice relevant to your particular situation.

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